Our biggest asset at Rivertec is our experience and time spent on the water.

30 years ago owner Darwin Baerg made a shift from an industrial career to follow his passion; running rivers.  Now Fraser River Raft Expeditions guides thousands of satisfied adventure seekers down British Columbia's most mighty and challenging rivers every summer.

In  1988  Rivertec (under F.R.R.E.) was also born. Since that time we have provided the highest standard of technical river services in an array of industries.  Our clients have included environmental consultants, fisheries clients and biologists, surveyors, seismic engineers, bridge construction crews, hazardous material response companies, railways and professional divers.

 We are proud of the reputation we have gained and continue to deliver safe and innovative services on the water.

Our crew is licensed by the BC River outfitters and certified in:

  • Swiftwater Rescue
  • First Aid
  • SVOP
  • MEDA-1
  • Inland Spill Response